Inner engineering by Sadhguru, my personal experience.

I had been noticing posts about Sadhguru on facebook and the advertisement on youtube frequently. I don’t normally do this, watch a short clip and believe something as true or what someone said is true. I tend to go back to full story before making any views. I saw few videos clips posted on facebook of Sadhguru telling why women were not allowed in this specific temple and talking about role of mother in kids life. I made my personal opinion of Sadhguru based on those few clips which wasn’t the right thing to do. Then a friend of mine sent me a video of him and I told her that I wasn’t interested in listening to him much given how he talked about woman (Wow, I sound so ignorant here, but I was). She said that I should take his inner engineering course and I will like it. I wasn’t ready to go take a full course but I started listening to his interviews on youtube. The guy makes a lot of sense. On every single issue, I agreed with him, I guess mostly because that’s what I have seen my savior “Alok Saxena” doing in life. Sadhguru was saying what I have seen in practice and have been personally impacted by. So I decided to register for inner engineering course.

I took the inner engineering course this weekend. The first day started with some chanting, work Isha foundation is doing across the world, music and so on. Then later Sadhguru arrived. He talks a lot. He shared his wisdom through a lot of stories. I had heard many of these in the interview videos on youtube. The second day was pretty much same as well, as it relates to Sadhguru’s role in the inner engineering course. He shared his wisdom through stories. I enjoyed listening to him, he is fun, entertaining and makes sense. I like that he is honest, straightforward and says things as they are. He does not mince words. I love his take on life. He doesn’t promote any religion, he focuses on healthy lifestyle for body and mind. He focuses on happiness in the moment and not living in past. There are numerous things I could quote that I loved about him.

We have many babas(preachers) in India and each have their followers who think that if they touched the baba, all their sins and misery will go away. I used to think that this was the phenomenon only in India but today I noticed, people from all continents show the same behavior. There was amazing music being played during the break by some great musicians at the event and people were standing crowded in front to listen to and watch these musicians play. Some people were even dancing. And then Sadhguru walked down the ramp and huge crowd including the people who were enjoying the music ran towards the ramp. People wanted to just touch Sadhguru, they wanted to hold his hand, his arm or wherever they could, they just wanted to touch him. As Sadhguru talked later, many folks started crying out loud. I noticed people buying the frames with Sadhguru’s picture to take home. I don’t worry if people want to put his picture like a celebrity but I am afraid they will be worshiping him. Sadhguru asked everyone to sit with people they don’t know and smile at people around. Participants did it only in that moment but they went back to same behavior very soon. At lunch table nobody wanted to make eye contact, no one wanted to have conversations. Somehow they were angry even after the fact that Sadhguru said so many times to be alive and happy and not grouchy. I wish these people would have focused on following what Sadhguru was teaching instead of trying to touch him in a huge crowd by pushing others aside. I also didn’t like that Sadhguru wouldn’t want to you leave while he is talking even if you really need that visit to the restroom. The volunteers were somehow over formal and unnecessarily strict. I have a small bladder, I go to restroom very very often, holding for 30 minutes is a big achievement for me. As I got up to use restroom the volunteer asked me if its an emergency. I wanted to say, no I enjoy being in the restroom to make it fun but I thought she might not like it so I just said yes. I was extremely tired towards the end and really wanted to close my eyes. As I looked down to close my eyes a volunteer came an tapped me and said, please look up.

Overall, I enjoyed the 2 days but I think it was an overkill.


I work at Microsoft as Azure Specialist. I have one boy. I love spending time in the gym, with my boy and work with my team and customers.

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Gomti Mehta

I work at Microsoft as Azure Specialist. I have one boy. I love spending time in the gym, with my boy and work with my team and customers.