Technology is easy people are hard — Change the way people work in your organization to accelerate growth.

Gomti Mehta
2 min readMay 31, 2021


Simple changes that can accelerate digital transformation and business growth.

1. Align your teams, leaders and people to business goals and vision of your organization. If people don’t feel connected to your vision and goals, its just another job for them.

2. Top down planning — Vision=>Business goals=>IT leaders alignment=>IT teams alignment=>Development=>Delivery.

3. Build an environment of comradery — Motivate your employees to feel connected to each other, to serve each other and the organization, to feel connected to each other’s success. Create an army that wants to work together to win the war(vision).

4. Hire leaders who have back of their teams, who stand with team in hard times and give credit to the team for achievements.

5. Don’t look at short term financial saving when looking for a solution or technology to solve your business problem. Look at the implementation cost, how it fits in with rest of your infrastructure, effort on learning and quality of support.

6. Give time to your employees to learn on the job during business hours. The more they learn, the more they know about the technology and the better solutions they implement for you.

7. Get feedback from those doing hands-on work on the leaders they report to. Specially if they feel supported by their leaders.

8. Don’t let your people struggle for tools and resources. Give them all the tools they need to do their job well. No one can do the job timely and well if they don’t have the right tools.



Gomti Mehta

I work at Microsoft as Azure Specialist. I have one boy. I love spending time in the gym, with my boy and work with my team and customers.