What is in Florida’s Don’t say gay bill?

Gomti Mehta
2 min readApr 10, 2022

Hearing about conflicting information from progressive and conservative news channels and seeing people upset or happy about this bill forced me to look at the real text of the bill. Link at the end to bill if you want to read yourself but here are the bullets from it.

The bill is not named “Don’t say gay”, it is called “Parental rights in education”.

Reinforce fundamental rights of parents to make the decisions regarding the upbringing and control of their children in a specified manner.

Prohibit procedures that prohibit parents to access certain records.

Prohibit school district from adopting procedures or student support forms that prohibits school district from notifying the parent or encourages student to withhold information from parent.

Prohibit school district from discouraging or prohibiting parental notification of student’s mental, physical and emotional well-being.

Prohibit classroom discussion on sexual orientation and gender identity from kindergarten to grade 3.

At the beginning of each school year, notify the parents of each healthcare services offered at the school and option to withhold consent or decline any specific services. Parental consent to a healthcare service does not waive the parent’s right to access the educational and health records or to be notified of a change in the services.

Each school district adopts procedure for a parent to notify the principal or their designee regarding concerns under this text and should work to resolve concerns within 7 days.

If a concern is not resolved within 30 days, the parent may request the commissioner of education to appoint a special magistrate to determine the facts and render a recommended decision for resolution.

Link to the bill _h1557er.docx (flsenate.gov)



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